Want to offer your guests a floating breakfast experience but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting it up?

  • 🆓 Free Floating Breakfast Solution

    That's right! The price is free to our villa partners. We provide the paid service to your guests.

  • 🛵 Free Test Delivery

    We offer a complimentary delivery to your villa so you can experience the service we provide your guests. You can use this delivery as an opportunity to shoot content for your villa.

  • 🤝 Instagram Collabs

    We can collab on instagram to help your rental get more exposure. Our villa partner collab reels have up to 15k views. We will also add your villa to our partner highlight reel with a link to your airbnb listing.

  • 🌐 Villa Featured on BFK Website

    We can help promote your villa on the home page of our website. Our website gets 1,000-2,000 monthly visitors.

  • 🍽 Food and Drink Menu

    No need to hire a private chef or find food suppliers. Bali Floating Kitchen has its own catering team preparing fresh brunch boards each day in our kitchen in Umalas.

  • 🛶 Floating Baskets & Cutlery

    We have a collection of floating baskets in all shapes, sizes and colors for your guests to choose from. We also provide setting sets and cutlery.

  • 🗓 Order & Scheduling Logistics

    Gone are the days of the back and forth what do you want and when do you want it? Give your guests the autonomy of scheduling their own breakfast orders! They can choose their delivery date and time window directly on our website.

  • 🛵 Order Live Tracking

    We will communicate with your guests during every key step on the day of their delivery so they always know what to expect and when.

  • ✅ Delivery, Setup, Cleanup and Pickup

    You read that right! BFK provides a full service floating breakfast solution. Our dedicated Delivery and Setup Courier will do all the work on the day of the delivery.

  • 💰 Payment

    On our website, guests have a variety of payment options to pay for their floatin' & dinin' experience. We accept all major international cards and bank transfers

Benefits of Partnering with BFK

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